TGIF By-Laws



2018 – 2019



The T.G.I.F. League shall be sanctioned with the U.S.B.C. through their local associations.  Each team roster shall consist of 4 bowlers (male and/or female).  The league will bowl on Friday evenings starting September 9, 2018 for a period of 32 weeks.  Practice begins at 6:30 pm.  All matches will begin promptly at 6:40 pm.



League Meetings and Officers


The following Officers will remain for the 2017/2018 season:


President:  Kevin Fiore       Secretary:  Steve Bilawsky        Treasurer:  House


League rules shall be adopted at a meeting with team captains and Executive Board prior to the start of the league schedule.  After the league schedule begins, a change in league rules can be made only with the unanimous written consent of each team captain or designated representative.  Absentee and proxy votes are not acceptable and only members present are eligible to vote.



League Fees


Bowling Costs


The league fees for the 2018/2019 bowling season shall be $20.00 per bowler.


Breakdown of weekly bowling fee:


                   Lineage:          $15.00

                   Prize Fund:      $  5.00

                   Total:              $20.00


Team Captains are responsible for ensuring that the proper amount of money is collected in the envelope each week.  Teams containing 4 bowlers will pay $80.00 each week ($645.00 per person total for the season).






Sponsor Fee


To offset the additional lineage fees, it was agreed to incur a one-time sponsor fee of $100 Per Team or $25 Per Bowler paid by the 3rd week.



Membership – Certification Fees


All bowlers shall be responsible for payment of their own certification fees by the 3rd scheduled night of bowling.  Team captains are responsible for assuring that all bowlers, including substitutes, fill out and sign membership cards and submit required fees (if necessary) to the league Secretary prior to bowling.  Bowlers failing to do so will receive a score of zero (0) for all such games bowled.  The price of sanctioning for this season is $23.00.



League Salaries


The league authorized payment of the following officer’s salary for the 2018/2019 season.  The Secretary and Treasurer positions will split the salary of $40 per team.



Entering Averages and Handicaps


·       Individual handicaps shall be based on 100% of 235.

·       Averages over 235 shall receive a negative handicap based on 100% of 235.

·       Individual bowlers shall use last year’s league average as an entering average for first nine (9) games bowled or completed series.

·       If no league average is available, the following will apply:

o   Highest Middlesex County book average (21 games minimum) for the previous 2 Fall/Winter seasons.

o   Highest out of county book average (21 games minimum) for the previous 2 Fall/Winter seasons.

o   Bowlers without one of the above averages shall establish an average after bowling 3 games.  This average will be used for the first 9 games.  Average will become current after the first 9 games.



Bowling Out


No bowling out shall be permitted, except in the case of an emergency, as defined and authorized by the Executive Board.  Only the game in progress may be bowled out.  Subsequent games will require the use of a blind or substitute.





No pacers shall be permitted.



Ten Pin Drop Rule


A ten pin drop rule, based on the entering average, shall be in effect for the entire season.



Legal Line Up


A legal line up shall consist of a minimum of 1 regular bowler.  No bowler under the age of 18 shall be permitted to bowl in league.  No exceptions.




Floating substitutes shall be utilized throughout the season.  A substitute must have bowled a minimum of nine (9) games in the T.G.I.F. League to be utilized during the last 5 weeks of the season.



Absentee/Blind Scores


A team may use a maximum of 3 absentee (blind) scores.  A blind score shall be the regular roster bowler’s average less 10 pins.  Handicap shall remain the same.



Vacancy Team


If the league consists of a Vacancy Team, the opposing team must bowl within 40 pins scratch of its current team average each game to win points.



Prize Lists


The league President, or designate, shall assign a minimum of 3 league members to draw up separate prize lists.  Proposed prize lists shall be submitted to the league secretary no later than the 5th week of bowling.  Prize lists shall be voted on no later than the 6th week of bowling.  Each team shall have 1 vote for the adoption of a prize list.  A copy of the winning prize list shall be distributed after the voting takes place.





Prize Qualifications


Only roster bowlers shall be eligible for individual awards.  To qualify for an individual award, a bowler must bowl a minimum of 2/3 of the games.  Substitute scores may be utilized in the determination of team awards.



Tardy Players


A late arriving bowler shall be permitted to catch up if the opposing team has not completed the fifth (5th) frame of the first game only.



Forfeit – Lack of a Legal Line-Up


If a game or games are forfeited due to the lack of a legally constituted line up, the opposing team must bowl within 40 pins scratch of its current team average each game to win points.

Forfeit – League Fee Arrearages


No bowler may bowl if they are in arrears for more than 2 weeks.  If bowler shows up, envelope MUST BE PAID IN FULL on the 3rd week.  If fee not paid, bowler takes his blind score plus handicap (not vacancy score).



Vacant Bowler – Score and Handicap


A team with only three (3) regular bowlers on the roster shall receive a vacancy score of 190 for the remaining bowler.  There will be no handicap given for this bowler.





Pre-bowling is allowed.  If being done as a team, it is requested that the opposing team be notified beforehand to be given opportunity to pre-bowl together as well.  Any pre-bowling must be scheduled with the Front Desk.










Team Standings


·       Team standings shall be based on 2 points for each game won and 1 point for total wood for a total of 7 points per week.  Games tied shall count as 1 point for each team.  A tie for total wood shall count as ½ a point for each team.

·       In the event that two teams are tied for points won on a position night, the team with the higher total scratch wood shall be afforded the higher position.

·       A tie for first place at the end of the season shall require a three game bowl-off to determine the league championship.  Such a bowl-off shall take place at a time to be determined by the Executive Board of Directors.

·       Any other ties for position at the end of the season shall share prize fund monies for the positions proportionately.



Postponed or Pre-Bowled Games


League games must be bowled as scheduled unless postponed.  The Executive Board shall determine what sufficient cause to grant postponement is, but cannot adopt a rule that would have the effect of not permitting any postponements.  In the event of a postponement, the league Secretary shall notify the bowling establishment of such postponement no later than 4:00 pm of the day the league is scheduled to bowl. 



Clinch of First Place


A team clinching first place prior to the conclusion of the season shall bowl the last place team for all remaining position nights of the season.  If both first and second places are clinched, they shall bowl each other for all the remaining nights of the season.

Position Rounds


Position rounds will be bowled every fourth (4th) week of the bowling schedule as well as the last five (5) weeks of bowling.  Bumper/Position rounds will be bowled on the following weeks:  4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 29, 30, 31 and 32.





It has been voted upon that music will be played during our games.



All of the rules and/or disputes not specifically addressed herein shall be decided by the Executive Board, as governed by application of the current edition of the American Bowling Congress Playing Rules.