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2015 Bud Light Trio Handicap League By-Laws


2015 Bud Light TRIO HANDICAP

League By-Laws


1.     This league is to be known as the Bud Light Trio Handicap League and will be bowled in accordance with USBC and league rules.

2.     The league shall bowl for 15 weeks, starting on May 26, 2015 and ending on September 1 2015.

3.     Practice bowling starts promptly at 8:20pm and shall consist of 3 games with two points awarded per game and three points for total wood.

4.     The cost of bowling shall be $30.00 per person per week of which $10.25 shall go towards the lineage and the balance ($19.75) to be deposited in the prize fund. A $60.00 sponsor fee is to be paid by the 3rd week of bowling. The last week of bowling must be paid by August 18th, 2015 so the prize money can be given out on the last night of bowling. Please make all checks payable to Woodbridge Bowling Center. No checks will be accepted after August 18th, 2015.

5.     All bowlers and substitutes must be certified.  The cost is as follows: $20.00 for full certification which covers only this summer season and $10.00 Out Of County for USBC members not cetified in CJMCUSBC. Women not already certified have the option of paying $21.00 which only covers this summer season. The extra $1.00 certifies them with the NJ State WBA and eligible for any NJ State WBA awards and tournaments.

6.     No bowler shall be more than one week in arrears. Anyone falling behind in payment or quitting the league without just cause, shall be brought up on charges before the USBC. Anyone withdrawing from the league must give two weeks notice to the league secretary and shall be responsible for payments of those two weeks.

7.     A late bowler may catch up for the first game only provided the team on the lane to the left of their lanes have not completed the fifth frame. If the tardy bowler is on lanes 1 and 2 then it will be the lane to the right. After the fifth frame the bowlers blind score will be used. There shall be no catch up for the second, or third games.

8.     Entering averages:

a)     2013-2014  composite winter USBC average for a minimum of 45 games.

b)     Bowlers with no 2013-2014 average will use their highest 2012-2013 composite winter USBC average for a minimum of 45 games.

c)     The league will go back as far as two years to determine an average.

d)    A junior USBC average will also be accepted based on a minimum of 45 games and in accordance with rules 9a or 9b.

e)     Bowlers with no average for the past two years shall use 200.

f)      This league shall not accept a past summer league average.

g)     The ten pin drop rule will apply. No bowler may drop more than ten pins from their entering average. For example if a bowler comes in at 199 he can not go lower than 189 in figuring the handicap.

10. A legal line-up shall consist of one regular bowler. Any team bowling unopposed must come within 30 points of their entering team average to earn points. The opposing team cannot earn points.

11. Handicaps shall be based on 80% of the difference of 220. Negative handicap will apply to anyone over 220.

12. There will be an open roster for substitutes. No substitutes on the last night of bowling unless they have bowled 6 games in the league.

13. A bowler must bowl at least 2/3 of the league schedule to be eligible for any individual awards.

14. Every week shall be position week with all entering averages being frozen for the first 6 games bowled for the regular and substitute bowlers. After a bowler has 6 games bowled their average shall become current and the handicap adjusted weekly. All ties for position week shall be decided by total handicap pins. In the event of a tie for first at the end of the season; a 1 game roll-off with handicap will be held to determine a league champion. The roll-off winner shall be the team that wins the one game match. This roll-off will decide the team placement money and awards. All other ties the position money will be combined and split equally amongst those tied.

15. The League Board of Directors shall decide any and all disputes.

16. A prize list committee shall be appointed and a prize list shall be voted on by the third week of bowling. First place money shall be a minimum of $4800 with 24 teams adjusted accordingly with less teams.

17. The vacancy score shall be 140.

18. The Secretary/Treasurer’s salary shall be $400.

19. Pre-bowling as a team is allowed one time per season. If possible being that every week is position night the opposing team has the option of bowling with them. No individual pre-bowling is allowed. A league officer or opposing team member must be present to verify the pre-bowl. The pre-bowl scores will be shown to the team bowling alone at the start of the tenth frame of each game.

20. The blind score will be 10 pins less the current average.

21. Intentional fouling or any misconduct: First offense - $5, Second offense - $10 

Third offense – League meeting

League Officers:

Secretary/Treasurer: Jay W Frangione - President: Brett Wiewiorski - Vice President: Bill Kober JR