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Charlie Brown's Doubles

Charlie Brown's Doubles

2017 - 2018 By - Laws

The Charlie Brown's Doubles Bowling League shall be sanctioned with USBC. The league shall consist of 11 teams with a playing strength of two bowlers per team.

The league will bowl on Mondays for a period of 30 weeks (Two 15 week seasons) starting on September 11th, 2017. Each team is committed to all 30 weeks.  All scheduled matches will start promptly at 9:30pm. Position nights will be every fourth week and last two of each half.

The management of this league shall be vested in the board of directors, which will consist of the officers and team captains. The league membership shall elect officers and the board of directors shall adopt league rules. The majority shall constitute a quorum.

The amount to be paid by each bowler each night shall be $25.00 of which $14.70 cover the lineage with the balance being place in an account under the league name for the prize fund. 

Each captain will be responsible for the accuracy of their teams envelope.. No individual can be in arrears more than two weeks. The first night in arrears a blind score will be used for that bowler, the following week if the dues are not caught up a vacant score will go in and the league will have a meeting to discuss options for that bowler


The salary for the secretary $10 per team and treasurer is $10 per team.

Averages: Last years final Monday Doubles average for 45 games or more will be used first. All bowlers including subs with no average from this league the previous year will use their highest book average of 45 games or more from 2016-2017 season. All incoming averages will be used for the first nine games bowled and then go to current average with the ten pin drop rule in effect. The league will go back 2 years for a book average, if no average from the last 2 years, bowlers will establish an average on the first 3 games bowled.  The handicap will be 80% of 220 with negative handicap.

There is an open roster for substitutes. Substitutes will not qualify for prize money or any individual awards. There will be no subs allowed the last two weeks of each half.

A minimum legal lineup must consist of at least one bowler from the teams current roster (two subs cannot bowl for a team for one night).

Blind Score:  A: If missing a bowler on your team, a blind score of 20 pins off their current average will be used for team total including the bowlers handicap. 


No Show:  If bowling a vacant or no show team, teams must bowl within 40 pins of your teams current average to win the points. Vacant or no-show teams will not be awarded any points.


The vacancy score is 150.

A bowler arriving late may catch up providing the fifth frame of the first game has not been completed. For the second and third game there will be no catch up.

Position standings will be based on total points won and lost. Any ties for points won on a position night total handicap wood will determine the standings.

Point System:  Bowlers will bowl 3 games each night on a 9 point system (2 points for game, and 3 points for total wood).  A tie will split the points.


If first place is tied at the end of the season a three game roll-off will be bowled to determine first place. Any other positions tied the prize money will be split and divided equally among those tied. For the trophies, total handicap pins will determine the winner.

Should first place clinch before the end of the season/half, they shall bowl last on any given position night. If first and second place are clinched they shall bowl each other.

Pre-bowling is allowed considering the league secretary and front desk has been notified. Individual and team pre-bowling is allowed.

Any rules not covered by the league by-laws, USBC rules shall apply.


Secretary/Treasurer –David Haulenbeck (732-762-2289)

President – Doug Zastrow