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Summer - Thursday Night Mixed Trio By-Laws 2014


BY-LAWS 2015




President:                     Jim Gill                       

Secretary:                     David Haulenbeck

Treasurer:                     David Haulenbeck       


The Thursday Night Mixed Trio Bowling League shall be sanctioned with the U.S.B.C.  through their local associations.  The league shall consist of  17 teams with strength of 3 bowlers per team. 


The league will bowl on Thursday’s, starting on June 4th , 2015 and ending on September 3rd2015  for a period of 14 weeks.  All scheduled matches will start promptly at 6:20 P.M


There will be 5 position weeks included in the schedule as follows:  Every 3rd week plus the last 2 weeks.  Subs will be allowed to bowl on position nights. Subs must have 6 games in prior in order to bowl the last two weeks.


Management:  The Management of this league shall be vested in the board of directors, which shall consist of the officers and team captains.  The league membership shall elect officers and board of directors shall adopt league rules.  A majority shall constitute a quorum.  Election of new officers shall be held at the meeting prior to next year’s league.


Fees:  The amount to be paid by each bowler each week shall be $20.00 of which $10.25 will cover the cost of bowling, ,with the balance being placed in the league treasury.  Team money envelopes must be given to the treasurer by the end of the first game.  No bowler may be more than two weeks in arrears, penalty will be loss of points.  The team captains are responsible for collecting money.  The last week of bowling must be paid in advance and is due no later than week 13 of the league.


Salaries:  The salary to be paid to the secretary or any league officer shall be established by the board of directors and shall be paid at the completion of the league schedule, unless otherwise specified.  Full payment shall not be authorized until the secretary has furnished all average sheets to the local association secretaries, including the final average sheets.  Secretary: $15 per team  Treasurer: $10 per team


League Funds:  An account shall be opened in the name of the league at the house bank, in which the funds will be deposited each week.


Prizes:  A committee of at least 3 members shall be appointed to draw up a prize list. ( .)The prize list is to be approved by the board of directors and distributed to each team captain within four weeks after the start of the schedule.  To qualify for individual awards, a bowler must have bowled in 2/3 of the scheduled games.  A bowler or team can qualify for only one special award for high game, series for average.  Team placement trophies will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place teams. 


Establishing Averages:  Averages will be established with the first 3 games of bowling.


Handicap:  The handicap allowance shall be 80% of 200 and shall be based on an individual handicap.  A negative handicap will be used for averages over 200.


Substitutes:  No sub may bowl with more than one team for the regularly scheduled games each week.  Subs will not qualify for prize money.  Subs will bowl at no cost to them.  Subs must establish an average after their first three games of bowling.


Legal Lineup:  A minimum legal line-up must include at least one regular bowler from a team’s current roster.


Forfeitures:    The win shall be awarded to the team, which is present, subject to the following rule:  The teams present whether bowling a forfeited team or a vacant team must bowl within 30 pins of their current average.


Blind Scores:  The blind scores shall be the current average less 10 pins per bowler or 30 pins per team.


Vacancy Scores:  Vacancy scores shall be 140 for men and women.


Pre-Bowling:  Team and individual pre-bowling is allowed considering the secretary has been notified and arrangements have been made with the front desk. Do not walk in and expect to pre-bowl.


Tardy Bowlers:  A bowler who arrives late may enter the game provided 5 frames have not been completed.  Frames missed may then be made up.  The rule does not apply to the 2nd and 3rd games.  The bowler must be present at the start of the 2nd and 3rd games in order to bowl.


Position Standings:  Position standings shall be determined on the basis of games won and lost.  Standings shall be determined on a 7 point basis, with 2 points awarded for each game won and 1 point for total wood. Ties in the standings on a position night; team total handicap will determine the standings.


Ties:  In the case of ties for the first and second place teams, a one game roll-off will be scheduled on the last night of bowling to determine the league championship.  For all other ties, the money shall be added together and divided evenly. Team total handicap will determine trophy prizes for all other ties. If first place clinches before the end of the season they will bowl last place on any given position night.