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By Laws Tuesday Night Mixed League

By Laws

Tuesday Night Mixed League


The Tuesday Night Mixed Bowling League will be certified with the local association of the United States Bowling Congress. In addition, this league has a bus ride to Atlantic City at the end of the bowling season.


The league shall consist of 12 teams with a playing strength of four (4) bowlers per team, of any mixed combination (male/female).  The membership dues established by the CJMCUSBC will be $20, an additional $1 for women who want to join the state association.


The league will bowl on Tuesday evenings for a period of thirty-six (36) weeks, starting September 2, 2014 with a tentative ending date of May 5, 2015.  All scheduled matches will start with 5 minutes of practice at 6:38 pm.  There will be seven (7) position matches included in the schedule.


WEEKS:  6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 35, & 36.




The management of the league shall be vested in the Board of Directors, which will consist of the officers and team captains.  The league membership shall elect officers and the Board of Directors shall adopt league rules.  All officers’ duties shall be in accordance with USBC rules.  A majority shall constitute a quorum.  A quorum consists of 50% of officers, captains, or a representative from the team.  The next election of officers will be at the awards presentation.  The officers for the 2014–2015 bowling season are:









The captains shall be responsible for the proper and accurate recording of individual scores on the recap sheet and shall verify all scores and handicaps.  Both teams must sign the recap sheets.  All disputes, discussions and decisions shall be resolved by a meeting of the Board of Directors.  All captains must notify the secretary when a sub is bowling on their team for the first time that season, as a USBC membership card must be completed before bowling (whether they are certified through another league or not).




The amount to be paid by each bowler is $25.00 for 36 weeks:  $13.65 to cover lane fees, and    $11.35 to be deposited into the league treasury.  Last 2 weeks are to be paid by March 31, 2015.  No Exceptions.           


 All league money is banked through the bowling center.  The league treasurer is responsible for deposits, withdrawals and verifying the account.  Team money envelopes must be given to the treasurer as soon as possible.  Team captains must check their team envelope prior to handing it to the treasurer. 

Write the total amount enclosed in the envelope under the current week.  Do not mark any dollar amount in the future weeks or in the last 2 weeks unless instructed to by the treasurer.


If an individual falls two (2) weeks behind in bowling dues or $50, he/she may not bowl until dues are paid up-to-date and are considered current by the league treasurer.  However, the team may use a blind score until dues are paid and brought up-to-date.  No subs are allowed to bowl until the dues in arrears are paid.




Salaries are to be paid to the league secretary and the league treasurer.  The salaries are $525 for the secretary and $375 for the treasurer. 




 A minimum legal lineup must include at least one bowler from a team’s current roster.  One bowler must be present at the start of any game or the game will be forfeited.




When a game is declared forfeited, the team present shall bowl as though the game was actually contest, and shall complete a team frame on one lane before starting the next frame on the adjoining lane. The team present needs to bowl within their current team average by 40 pins per game/120 pins per set. This determines the amount of points won by the team present.



The absentee score shall be the average of the bowler less ten (10) pins.  Vacancy scores are 125.



One week’s notice is required prior to scheduled games.  The opposing team will be notified of the pre-bowl by the secretary, and has the option of attending the games.  Only teams can pre-bowl or post-bowl.  Post-bowling must be before the following scheduled session.  Pre-bowl or post-bowl is not to exceed two (2) times per team unless it is an emergency and approved by the Board of Directors.  No pre-bowl or post-bowl on positions nights unless the team is attending the national tournament.




A tardy bowler may enter the game provided the opposing team has not completed five (5) frames of the first game.  Frames missed may be made up.  There will be no “catch-up” for the second and third games.




Standings shall be determined on a point basis, with two (2) points awarded for each game won and one (1) point awarded for high team set in each match.  ½ point will be awarded for set ties and 1 point for the game ties.  Position standings shall be determined on the basis of games won and lost.  Total pins will determine the position standings if tied.   Our handicap is 80% of 200.






A committee of at least three (3) members shall be appointed to draw up a prize list.  The prize list is to be approved by the Board of Directors and voted on by every bowler.  The prize list will be distributed to each team captain within five (5) weeks after the start of the schedule.


A bowler must bowl two-thirds of the scheduled games as a regular league bowler to qualify for any individual award (Games as a substitute are excluded).  Two-thirds means 24 weeks or 72 games.  A bowler or team can qualify for only one (1) special award for high series or high game.


If a team or individual must withdraw from the league during the season:

  • A written notice must be given within two (2) weeks.
  • The notice should state a sufficient cause for resigning.
  • The written notice should be given to the league secretary.
  • The resigning member (s) must pay league fees for two (2) weeks if the vacancy is not filled within that period.


If proper notice and sufficient cause are not given, all franchise prizes and any other money for which the team or individual may have been eligible, will be forfeited.  In addition, the member (s) shall be subject to suspension of USBC membership.


Team placement trophies will be awarded to the first and second place teams (given by the Woodbridge Bowling Center) and individual trophies will be awarded for High Average, High Game, and High Series (given by the USBC).

  • It will be the responsibility of the team captain to distribute the team winnings that are due any bowler who has left their team.


  • The bowler who resigned from the league is entitled to a portion of that prize money.  The treasurer will inform the captain of monies due that individual.


A new bowler who replaces a vacant spot has the option to catch up on paying towards the prize money or receive a prorated prize at the end of the season.




Bowlers with 21 games or more from last year in this league will use that average.  All others will use their highest USBC 2013/2014 winter book average in this county.  If no book average is on record for 2013/2014, the league may go back to the year before, but no more than two (2) years back.  To establish an average, the bowler must bowl three (3) consecutive games on the same night and shall hold that average for the next six (6) games.  Averages shall remain the same for a period of three weeks or nine games.






  • Substitutes will NOT qualify for league prize money or awards.
  • Substitutes can be of either gender.
  • Substitutes must use their highest certified average from the previous winter season in Middlesex County, based on 21 games.  Substitutes without an average must establish an average in the first three consecutive games bowled on the same night.  They will hold that average for the next six games.
  • No substitutes may bowl with more than one (1) team on the same night.
  • No Subs on the last 2 position nights (35th & 36th weeks)
  • Subs can bowl on the first 5 position nights as long as they have 9 games bowled in this league.
  • If a bowler has to leave or is injured during a game, a blind score will fill the remainder of that game.  A substitute may bowl for the remaining games of that evening.




Replacement bowlers can be of either gender. If a regular bowler is replaced, he or she cannot return to the league as a regular bowler but can come back as a sub only.




To determine the 1st place winner, a one (1) game roll-off shall be bowled under the same conditions and rules governing the league play during the regular season.  An extra complete 10th frame shall be bowled in the event of a tie at the end of the roll-off.  Roll-offs will take place the last night of bowling.

  • In the roll-off game, no team will bowl on lanes used during that night’s league play.
  • If first place & last place are clinched, those teams will bowl each other the last 2 weeks of bowling.
  • First place must be won outright.  No ties or splitting of prize money.
  • Should any other positions end in a tie, prize money for the positions affected shall be divided equally among the tied teams. 
  • Scores bowled in the roll-off game will not count toward individual or team averages or special prize awards offered by the league.
  • If 2nd place is tied, total pins will determine the winner of the 2nd place trophies (prize money will be split).




The day of league play, no team or individual can practice on the lanes they are scheduled to bowl on that night or the games will be forfeited.




In the absence of any rule not written into this league’s by laws, all USBC rules shall apply.