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2014-2015 Hometown Service Group Classic Rules and By-Laws

2014-2015 Hometown Service Group Classic Rules and By-laws


  1. Practice will start at 6:20 PM on Tuesdays. Bowling starts at 6:30 PM.


  1. No one may catch up after the fifth frame of the first game. When the fifth frame is completed by both teams no catch up will be allowed. For the second and third game there is no catch up allowed. Bowlers will receive 0 pins for each frame missed for the 2nd and 3rd games.


  1. Any team not having a legal line-up (2 roster men present) at the start of bowling (6:30 PM) will forfeit the game and individual points for that game. The team on the left must put their line-up in first and the team on the right has the last option to make any line-up changes.  No line-up changes may be made once league play has started.


  1. Team average is not to exceed 1030. Any team substituting a bowler above average will forfeit all game(s) and individual points bowled while over average. (15 days from the day of infraction). During the last two weeks of bowling a protest must be filed within 48 hours (see rule 119 for procedures).


  1. League members shall use their frozen average in this league from the previous season when determining their established average for the upcoming season. Any bowler not having bowled 36 games during the 1035 Classic Leagues previous season shall use his highest established average for 36 games or more in any sanctioned league. The league does not recognize a summer league average. A bowler with no previous average for two years as described in this rule will take the league average of 206. A ten-pin rule shall be used in this league. No bowler may drop more than 10 pins in his average from one year to the next year.



  1. All bowlers must be sanctioned. Sanction fees are whatever CJUSUSBC states and is due on the first night of bowling.


  1. Bowling is $30.00 per person, per week for the bowling season; Each team will pay a sponsors fee of $100.00 for the season, which is due on the awards night to hold your spot or by week three of the current season.


  1. Each captain will be responsible for the accuracy of their teams envelope. Checks will be accepted made payable to Woodbridge Bowling Center. No individual can be in arrears more than two weeks. The first night in arrears a blind score will be used for that bowler, the following week if the dues are not caught up a vacant score will go and the league will have a meeting to discuss options for that bowler.


  1. Blind score will be 20 pins below the bowlers entering average.


  1. In the case of a tie, team standings Monies will be split amongst teams that are tied (exception will be for first place where a roll-off is needed). A three game 24 point roll-off will decide league championship, prize money, and awards and will be bowled within a week on a night agreed by both teams. Total pins will decide which team is on the left.


  1. No new subs allowed during the last four weeks of the season unless he has bowled at least nine games prior to the last four weeks of the season. Subs can only bowl for one team per night. All PBA Bowlers will use their established USBC average. If they do not have an established USBC average they will use 220.
  2. Any change in any by-laws or rules must have a majority vote by the board of directors of the 1030 Classic League. Once the league has started its new season, a change in the by-laws or rules must have a unanimous vote by the league board of directors.
  3. Team standings will be recorded on a 24 point match play system. One point for player vs. player, 2 points for each game wood, and 3 points for total wood.   Position nights will be every other week and the last four.
  4. When bowling against an absent bowler you must bowl within 20 pins of their entering average in order to win the point otherwise the opposing team will be awarded the point.
  5. If a bowler comes into this league with a junior bowlers average, this average will be accepted as an established average unless it is less than the assumed average of 206 in which case the average of 206 will be used. Junior averages must have at least 36 games to be valid.
  6. The combined position of secretary/treasurer will be paid a salary of $725.00 per season.
  7. During the season in case of a tie in the standings on a position night between two or more teams, total pins will decide the order of these teams.
  8. For postponements see USBC rule #111
  9. Once first place is clinched in this league, the first place team will bowl the last place team, second will bowl third, fourth will bowl fifth, etc.
  10. Any bowler including subs found intentionally abusing the equipment or behaving in a manner that is disruptive to other members in this league shall be subject to a fine of $5.00 for the first offense, $10.00 for the second and a league suspension for the third. This also includes intentionally fouling.
  11. All other USBC rules and regulations are applicable.
  12. The 1030 Classic League will be an USBC sanctioned league.
  13. In the event of a vacant team, the opposing team must bowl 980 or higher each game to win their points and 2940 or higher to win total wood. Individuals must bowl within 10 pins of their entering average.
  14. Bowlers cannot practice on lanes that they are scheduled to bowl on for league play. If so, those practicing may not bowl for that evening.