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LCI Graphics By-Laws 2016-2017 Season

LCI Graphics

By-laws 2016-2017 Season


1.                  LCI Graphics will be sanctioned by the USBC through the Middlesex County Bowling Association (MCBA).

2.                  The league shall abide by all USBC rules unless otherwise stated in our by-laws.

3.                  The handicap shall be 90% of 220 with anyone over 220 receiving negative handicap.

4.                  The league will bowl a 36 week schedule starting on September 8th, 2016. There will be 11 position weeks: (4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32,34,35,36) .

5.                  All bowlers/subs will use their highest average from the previous season in the LCI Graphics league for a minimum of 45 games. All others shall use their highest USBC average as of 45 games in the 2013-2014 season. The league will go back 3 years for an average. Anyone without an average will establish one the first night of bowling. All bowlers will use their entering average for the first 9 games. Averages will freeze after week 33 and those averages will be used for the following season.

6.                  Floating substitutes will be allowed. All subs will bowl under the same average rules stated in Rule 5 of our by-laws. Any sub bowling the last 3 weeks must have at least 12 games in the league already.

7.                  The league shall use a nine point scoring system; two points for each game and three points for total wood.

8.                  The league will bowl on Thursday nights with 10 minutes of practice starting promptly at 6:30 p.m. All teams consist of 5 men. No women allowed. Two roster bowlers must be present for a legal line up. If two are not present the game will be forfeited.

9.                  The team entry fee is $50. Once paid your team’s spot is held for the upcoming season. The entry fee is due by the third week of bowling.

10.              Late bowlers have until the completion of the 5th  frame to bowl for the first game. For the 2nd and 3rd games the bowler must be present at the start.

11.              When bowling a vacancy your team must bowl within 50 pins of your team’s current average to win. A vacancy cannot take points.

12.              The blind score will be 10 pins off the current average of the bowler. The individual vacancy score will be 150.

13.              Bowling will be $28 per week. Checks will be accepted made payable to Woodbridge Bowling Center Any returned checks will be charged $30 and the league will only accept cash once a check is returned.

14.              Each captain will be responsible for the accuracy of their teams envelope.. No individual can be in arrears more than two weeks. The first night in arrears of more than two weeks a blind score will be used for that bowler, the following week if the dues are not caught up a vacant score will go and the league will have a meeting to discuss options for that bowler

15.              Postponements will only take place in the event of a death of a family member or team member, an Act of God, lane failure, or military action. All postponements shall be made up at the earliest convenience of the league and the lanes.

16.              Pre-bowling will be allowed providing the full legal line-up is doing the pre-bowling.. The team must make a request at least 1 week in advance and before 8pm on that Thursday, so the opposing team can be notified and offered to pre-bowl as well. A league officer or opposing team member must be present at the time of the pre-bowl. If a bowler is going to USBC Nationals, or Pro Bowlers Tour that bowler will be allowed to pre-bowl alone providing he follows the request rule.

17.              If a first place tie exists, a best of a 3 match will occur on the night of money distribution to determine a champion. If a 3-way tie occurs each team shall receive a pair and bowl 3 games on money distribution night and the highest handicap total shall determine the champion. For any other tie the money will be divided equally. If first place has been clinched, they shall bowl the highest clinched team or last place if no team has clinched. Handicap pins shall determine position ties.

18.              No practice is permitted on your pair once the lanes have been dressed. If found a bowler has done this, that team shall forfeit all points.

19.              Any bowler found behaving in an un-orderly fashion will be subject to league and lane discipline.

20.              All bowlers must bowl 2/3 of the league schedule to be eligible for awards.

21.              The last place team will receive a minimum of $1000 ($200 a man).

22.              The Secretary and Treasurer salary is $50 per team ($20 treasurer and $30 secretary).

23.              THE TEN PIN DROP RULE WILL BE EFFECT FOR THIS LEAGUE. This is a double rule meaning you cannot drop your average from year to year by more than 10 pins as well as you may not drop your average during the season by more than 10 pins. Handicap and averages will be based on the 10 pin drop.


President – Joe Sokolowski

Vice President – Gene Zielinski

Secretary – David Haulenbeck 732-762-2289

Treasurer – David Haulenbeck