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Northfield Bank 840 Scratch Classic 2012-2013 By-Laws


1.    The Corporate Sponsor fee for this league shall be $1,000.00 annually. For the 2012-2013 season, this league will be known as Northfield Bank 840 Scratch Classic. It is sponsored by Northfield Bank, and will consist of both male and female bowlers, and will be a USBC certified league through the CJMCUSBC.

2.    The management of the league shall be vested with the Board of Directors, which consists of the league officers, and team captains or a representative. The league officers shall consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, and the Sergeant at Arms. League officers cannot be team captains.

3.    The League Secretary/Treasurer will be the only officer to be paid in this league. He/she shall be paid fifty dollars ($50.00) per team.

4.    The League Board of Directors shall, at a meeting specifically called for that purpose, decide all issues or disputes. One half plus one member of the board shall constitute a quorum and a simple majority vote of those present will be final and binding. The President shall not vote except in the case of a tie. All officers should be at all meetings. Any team not having a representative at any meeting shall be fined five dollars ($5.00), to be paid by the next regularly scheduled week of bowling.

5.    Each team shall consist of four bowlers whose incoming averages may not total more than 840. If a team has a combined average over 840 they will forfeit all points. Points shall be awarded to the opposing team in accordance with relevant USBC playing rules. Should both opposing teams in a given match be over average, both teams will forfeit all games bowled and no points shall be awarded.

6.    For purposes of determining compliance with the 840-team average cap, bowlers in this league shall use their frozen average from this league for the 2011-2012 season based on a minimum of forty-five (45) games. If a bowler did not bowl forty-five (45) games in this league during the 2011-2012 season, he/she shall use their highest USBC average for a league in which a minimum of forty-five (45) games were bowled. If the bowler does not have a 2011-2012 USBC average, his/her highest USBC average for the 2010-2011 season for a league in which he/she bowled a minimum of forty-five (45) games shall be utilized. Bowlers with no average the last five years will use the league average of 210. Summer league averages will not be used in this league.

7.    A 10-pin rule shall be used in this league. No bowler may drop more than 10 pins in average from one year to the next. The bowler’s 2011-2012 season frozen average, compared to the 2010-2011 frozen average shall be the basis for the 2012-2013 incoming average. Bowler’s averages freeze after completion of week thirty-three (33) of the season. If a team clinches first place before the 33rd week, their averages will be frozen for the following year’s competition.

8.    Youth bowlers joining this league will determine their entering average in the following order; A: Highest youth USBC average based on a minimum of forty-five (45) games for the 2011-2012 season. B: Highest youth USBC average based on a minimum of forty-five (45) games for the 2010-2011 seasons. C: Highest youth USBC average based on a minimum of forty-five (45) games for the 2009-2010 seasons. D: If no youth average is found for the previous three years, they will use the league average of 210. No youth bowlers are allowed until the age of 17. All youth bowlers shall provide written proof of parental consent to the League Secretary prior to bowling.

9.    The league shall bowl a thirty-six (36) week schedule, with each team bowling every team in a regularly scheduled match. The last three (3) weeks of the schedule shall be position nights, and the remaining weeks shall alternate between position and regular scheduled matches. The Secretary/Treasurer will be responsible for drawing, posting, and providing a copy of the schedule to each team captain. On any position night that first place is clinched, the first place team will bowl the last place team. If first and second places are both clinched, they will bowl each other.


10.   A legal lineup shall consist of at least one bowler from the teams’ official roster. League play shall start promptly at 6:30pm each Friday. Practice will begin at 6:20pm. Any team not having a legal lineup by completion of the fifth frame (i.e. before the anchor bowler of the opposing team has finished his frame) of the first game, or by the first frame of any successive game, shall forfeit that game. Points shall be awarded to the opposing team in accordance with rule 109A-F of the USBC playing rules.

11.   A tardy bowler shall be allowed to catch up provided the anchorman on the opposing team has not completed the fifth frame of the first game. After the fifth frame, a blind score of 20 pins off the current average of the tardy bowler shall be used. A tardy bowler must be present for his/her turn at the start of the second or third game to be able to bowl that game.

12.   If there is more than a thirty (30) minute wait due to equipment failure, the teams involved shall move to open lanes. If no lanes are available, they will then have the option to complete the postponed match on the following Saturday or Sunday, or they may continue on one (1) lane at the team captains’ and league’s discretion.

13.   Should inclement weather or other reason cause league play to be canceled, the League President will notify the lane by 5:30pm. Should the President not call the lanes by the aforementioned time, the league will bowl. Teams that do not show up will forfeit the game. Points will be awarded to opposing teams based on relevant USBC rules.

14.   This league will use a twenty-one (21) point scoring system. Match points shall be awarded as follows: one (1) point for individual match game won; two (2) points for total wood for each game; and three (3) points for total wood for the match.

15.   Left lane must enter lineup first.

16.   The vacancy score (no regular bowler) shall be whatever score is necessary to bring the team total average to the league’s 840 average minus 20 pins. If a bowler drops out after the start of the season, the team shall use a blind equal to 20 points off the departing bowler's’ incoming average, until a replacement is found.

17.   Any bowler bowling against a blind score (absent bowler’s incoming average, less 20 pins) must beat the blind score to receive any individual point. If he/she does not beat the blind score, the point goes to the team having the blind. The blind gets no individual point for a win.If each team has an absent bowler, they must oppose each other. In this case, individual match points for the blinds shall go to the team winning the game.

18.   Bowlers cannot practice on the same lanes that they are scheduled to use that night. For the first such violation, the bowler will receive a warning. For the second violation, the bowler will not be allowed to bowl the first game.

19.   During the last three weeks of the season, only substitutes that have bowled 9 games in this league during the current season shall be permitted to bowl.




20.   The Board of Directors approval will be required for a postponement of any regularly scheduled match (other than those due to a team participating in the USBC National Tournament – to meet this exception, at least three (3) bowlers on the same team must be bowling on the same dates at USBC). Authorized postponed matches must be made up on the Saturday or Sunday immediately following the regularly scheduled match. If a time and a day cannot be arranged for the two teams, they will be permitted to bowl unopposed. The Secretary/Treasurer will make arrangements for the lanes. A League officer must be present at all postponed matches.

21.   Each team shall be responsible for an annual team sponsor fee of one hundred dollars ($100), which shall go towards the prize fund. One hundred dollars ($100) deposit shall be paid at the awards meeting at the end of the present season, to secure each existing team’s place for the following season. This deposit is non-refundable. The League shall not be obligated to reserve a spot for any team that does not remit its sponsor fee at the designated time. A new team must pay the sponsor fee upon accepting the open position.

22.   All bowlers shall pay their own USBC certification fee of twenty dollars ($20). The out of county fee is ten dollars ($10). Bowlers are responsible to pay the certification fee in the first league they compete in. Any bowler, who does not fill out an USBC certification card the first time they bowl in this league by the end of the night, will receive a maximum score of 140 for all games bowled.

23.   Each team captain shall be responsible for collecting bowling fees and delivering them to the League Secretary/Treasurer. Bowling fees will be twenty-six dollars ($26) per person. It is the responsibility of the team captain to notify the Secretary/Treasurer of any bowler in arrears.

24.   Any bowler more than fifty-two dollars ($52), or two (2) weeks, in arrears at the start of any bowling session will not be permitted to bowl that night. The team must use that bowler’s blind score. No substitute will be allowed for a bowler in arrearages more than 2 weeks.

25.   Bowlers must bowl two-thirds (2/3) of the schedule and six (6) of the last nine (9) games (except in the case of documented injury) to be eligible for any high average award in this league. Substitute bowlers are not eligible for any league or county awards. This includes monies and/or trophies.

26.   The most-improved bowler award shall be given to the bowler who shows the greatest increase in average over his/her entering average.

27.   The first and second place teams shall receive individual trophies.

28.   In the event of a first place tie at the end of the regular schedule, the teams involved will bowl three (3) games until a winner is decided, based on the 21 point system. These games will occur prior to the distribution of prize money.

29.   In the event of a tie for a position other than first, the monies for that place will be divided equally. A one game roll-off will be the deciding factor for trophies, only using the six (6) point system – one (1) point for each individual match, and two (2) points for total team wood.

30.   Anyone displaying unsportsmanlike conduct shall be reprimanded. For the first offense, a five dollar ($5) fine shall be imposed. For a second offense a ten dollar ($10) fine shall be imposed. After a third offense, the bowler shall be expelled from the league. The League President or Vice-President shall collect all fines. Fines shall be paid prior to the start of the first game of bowling the week following the offense, or the bowler cannot bowl. Unsportsmanlike conduct should be reported to the League President (David Coen). Any league member can report unsportsmanlike conduct. The League Officers shall make the decision on whether a person should be fined.

31.   In the event of an odd number of teams, individual points will be awarded as follows: If you are within twenty (20) pins of your current average, you win your individual point. If you are twenty-one (21) pins or more below your current average, you lose your individual point. There are no ties!

32.   The County Award will be awarded to the regular league bowler that has the high series. In the event of a tie, the person with the High game that night will win.



VICE PRESIDENT: Brett Wiewiorski