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Goldstein/Hanel Memorial Doubles 2012 - 2013 By-Laws

Goldstein/Hanel Memorial Doubles

2012 - 2013 League By-Laws



Secretary/Treasurer:       David Haulenbeck

President:                                 Greg Goldstein

Vice President:                         Russ Anonsen



1.    This league is to be known as Goldstein/Hanel Memorial Doubles and bowled in accordance with USBC and League rules.


2.    Schedule bowling starts September 10th.  Schedule consists of 36 weeks (split season of 18 weeks). 


3.    A team consists of 2 bowlers.  That team is committed to 36 weeks and is responsible for all bowling fees. 


4.    Sponsor Fee:  $50.00 to be paid by the fourth week of bowling.  Penalty is forfeiture of all points after fourth week until paid.


5.    Bowling Fee’s:  $25.00 per person per week.  $13.05 shall go towards lineage; $11.95 shall be put into the prize fund. Each captain will be responsible for the accuracy of their teams envelope. Checks will be accepted made payable to Woodbridge Bowling Center. No individual can be in arrears more than two weeks. The first night in arrears a blind score will be used for that bowler, the following week if the dues are not caught up a vacant score will go and the league will have a meeting to discuss options for that bowler.



6.    Individual handicap is based on 90% of 230. Negative hdcp. will be used over 230.


7.    Entering Averages:

       a.    Highest sanctioned book average from this league last year based on 21 games or more.

       b.    Highest USBC book average 2011/12 season based on 21 games or more.

       c.     The league shall go back 3 years to obtain an entering average.

       d.    Anyone not having a sanctioned book average for the past 3 years shall come in with 200 for the first 9 games bowled and then become current.

       e.    Anyone having a sanctioned book average will hold that average for 9 games and then will become current.

       f.     The League will have a ten pin rule.  Any bowler that drops more than 10 pins from their entering average will not receive any additional handicap for over the ten pin drop (e.g. 190 entering average who drops to a 179 average will only receive handicap up to a 180 average.)


8.    Every other week is a position round and the last 2 weeks of each half.


9.    NO PRE-BOWLING OR POST BOWLING ALLOWED. Only exception is the USBC Nationals.


10.   Point System:  Bowlers will bowl 3 games each night on a 15 point system (2 points for game, 1 point for bowler against bowler, and 3 points for total wood).  A tie will split the points.


11.   Late Bowler:  A bowler arriving late may catch up in the first game only providing he/she arrives before the end of the 5th frame.  (Both teams must have completed the 5th frame.)  There will be no catch up for the second and third games.


12.   No Show:  If bowling a vacant or no show team, individuals must bowl within 20 pins of your current average per bowler, 40 pins per team in order to win the points. Vacant or no-show teams will not be awarded any points.


13.   Blind Score:  A: If missing a bowler on your team, a blind score of 20 pins off their current average will be used for team total including the bowlers handicap. B:  opposing bowler must bowl within 20 pins of their own current average to win the point; otherwise the point will be awarded to the opposing team. C: blinds on both teams must be matched up against each other and the individual points will be awarded to the team that wins each game.


14.   Vacancy:  Vacancy score will be 150 for all bowlers.


15.   Subs:  A list of floating substitutes shall be maintained by the league secretary.  Substitutes will need to bowl nine games in order to bowl the last two weeks of each half.  You may have two subs as a legal line-up (Open Roster).


16.   Salaries:  The salary given to the league Secretary and/or Treasurer shall be:

       Secretary:        $25.00 per team

       Treasurer:        $15.00 per team



17.  In the event of a tie in standings on a position night total handicap pins will determine the standings.  


18.   First Place Clinched:  Should the first place team of each half have clinched first place, they will bowl the last place team for the remainder of the schedule.  However, if first and second are locked up, they will bowl each other.


19.   Any rule is not covered in the league bylaws; we will refer back to the USBC rule book.



 20.   Any team that drops out before the end of the 36 week season will forfeit all prize money back to the league.